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Social Action

The Social Action Committee of CSH invites you to participate in these important communities activities. For more information contact the office 281-488-5861.

Coupon Bank
The Shaar Hashalom Coupon Bank wants your food coupons. Place your coupons in the Coupon Bank located just inside of the school entrance at CSH. They are then donated to various Food Banks in the Greater Clear Lake area.

Yom Kippur Food Drive
One reason for the Yom Kippur fast is to remind ourselves of the hunger many people face throughout the year. Make this year’s fast still more meaningful by bringing nonperishable foods to donate on Yom Kippur.

Our tradition at CSH is to donate the equivalent of food that each of your family members would normally eat during a 24 hour period. Each year the Yom Kippur Food Drive donations go to various Food Banks in the Greater Clear Lake area.

Purim Food Drive
Giving of Mishloach Manot - The source for Mishloach Manot is found in the book of Esther in chapter 9. Immediately after the military victory over their enemies the Jews celebrated and established a day of festivities and joy, called Purim. The way they celebrated this holiday was by having a big feast, the giving of "Mishloach Manot Ish L'Re'ehu" (gifts of food to one's friends) and giving money to the poor (9:19,22).

Here at Congregation Shaar Hashalom (CSH), we also have a tradition. Each year the Purim Food Drive donations go to various Food Banks in the Greater Clear Lake area.

Blessing of the Animals
The Mishnah teaches that the beginning of the month of Elul was "the new year of the animals" used to calculate the age of animals used as offerings. At CSH we recast that designated date as one of celebration of our animal companions. We bring our dogs, cats, chickens, guinea pigs, fish, etc. to the CSH playground where we will offer a blessing to our animal friends!

Bagel Brigade Project
The purpose of the Bagel Brigade project is to organize volunteers to pick up and deliver food that would otherwise be wasted to people that are in need.

This project was started on September 15, 2003 in cooperation with Einstein’s Bagels in Clear Lake. Volunteers are able to pick up their end of the day leftovers, every day, and deliver them to five area shelters and food pantries. These shelters and food pantries include the Bridge in Pasadena, Bay Area Turning Point in Webster, Boys and Girls Harbor in La Porte, St. Bernadette Catholic Church in Clear Lake, and Interfaith Ministries in League City. Currently there are over twenty people actively participating in the Bagel Brigade. The schedule is arranged so that each volunteer only has to commit to one pick up and deliver once a month to only one shelter.

Congregation Shaar Hashalom has been involved in this project since 1999 and has been delivering Bagels to the Women’s Shelter in Webster for over seven year!

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