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Meet Rabbi Eitan Krul

Reflecting upon the course of my life, I have had extensive preparation to become a congregational rabbi. I have twenty years of teaching experience which has taught me how to express my knowledge and make it accessible to a wide range of populations: elementary, special education (children, teens, and adults), seniors in supervised living, and more. I dedicated several years to teaching folk dancing to disabled adults, and part-time to challenged seniors.

During the past six years prior to coming to Congregation Shaar Hashalom, I created a community congregation in my home. This project demanded that I use my talents in social media to attract various audiences, and accommodate the different needs and desires of those who wanted to be a part of the community. It was a success – weekly Shabbat services, celebrating holidays, providing lessons, and spiritual guidance. The group that resulted was as varied as any urban environment could be; age, interests, background, and family units.

I discovered that I was able to function well not only as a leader but as an expert in my domain, just as my rabbinic studies had prepared me for. In addition, I learned by experience that tolerance, acceptance, and effective communication are the keys to success with the members of our congregation.

As a child, I went with my family to South Africa for several years as my dad had an opportunity to work in his field there. That is where I learned to speak and study in English. Over the years I perfected my American accent and consider myself near native speaker level; up to date on the popular culture in the US. At a young age, I learned what it is like to be a part of the Jewish community abroad.

I am a single parent of a 7-year-old son, Dvir, and define myself in the LGBTQ community. These facts make me a part of several smaller minority communities in Israel. If anything, I have become very aware of the needs of minority groups and sensitive to the needs of those looking for recognition and community. This awareness includes the needs of other humans, whether or not they are Jewish.

I am proud of being an Israeli and as the rabbi in this congregation, I will always represent the cultural bridge to Israel, the Hebrew language, the popular culture, the many diverse traditions, and the renewal of the Holy Land.

I am primed for the challenge of a rabbinic position. I have experience gaining the cooperation of community leaders, municipal authorities, and joint ventures with other synagogues. I have inscribed in my mind the words of the Dean of the Schechter School of Rabbinic Studies in Jerusalem, at my ordination: "Eitan masters his new skills with patience and perseverance".

Rabbi Eitan Krul


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Mon, July 15 2024 9 Tammuz 5784