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From the President

The board and their committees form the backbone of the synagogue's ability to support a religious school, services, adult education programming, and social activities, social action, and much more. The board is also responsible for managing the financial affairs and steward the money donated to the synagogue. These dedicated volunteers give generously of their time to help keep our community running. The next time you see a board member, will you thank them for their efforts? I think it goes a long way (and encourages them to keep serving) when they know their efforts are appreciated!

Recently, the new 2020 CSH board was voted in at the Congregation Meeting

held in January. We are grateful to have members willing to step up and give of their time and help guide our synagogue in the coming year. As we start the 2020 Board Calendar Year, we also recognize and thank those board members who are coming off the board for their contributions:

Amy Zaguli - Financial Secretary/Treasurer Jay Bergman - Facilities
Cathy Leonard - Shofar

Your 2020 board will be busy. We have an ambitious list of items to tackle this year. In addition to budgeting, the board is working to finalize a bench for the cemetery that will be a landmark to identify the area as the Jewish Cemetery. The board is also working to improve our outreach to find new members and improve opportunities for social activities and engaging programming. Lastly, the board is working to find other funding opportunities to reduce our deficit.

As always, please contact me. I always like to hear your feedback. Without it, we don't know if we are meeting your needs.

See you are the Purim Carnival on February 23rd.

David Hirsch

February 2020

Sun, May 31 2020 8 Sivan 5780