November 2014

Presidents' Message

Thank you to all of our congregants, our Rabbi, our lay leaders and to Jennifer Rolnick, our Cantor for a very meaningful High Holy Day services! We have received positive feedback of our first time having reserved seating as well as open seating. Also our congregants with their reserved parking space were very happy to have their up front parking!

The nominating committee is busy putting together a Board of Directors for the upcoming year. The committee includes Chairman Aaron Freedkin, Wendy Kane, Gin Nixon, Risa Stein and Bill Robertson. Please contact a member of the committee if you are interested in being a part of our Board of Directors!

The Contract Negotiation Committee is continuing the negotiation phase of the contract with our Rabbi.

We appreciate your feedback as we continue to strive to have CSH be the best it can be!

Sandy & Debbie

Rabbi's Message

Do you know who J.R. Richard is? He was a pitcher for the Houston Astros. At one point in his career, I am told, he kept complaining of headaches, and other physical problems, and he was accused of all sorts of things. He felt pressured to go ahead and pitch, and he did, and had a pretty bad stroke on the pitcher's mound. 

When my daughters were very young, they went to The Shlenker School, a Jewish Day School in town. I would drop off Peri, andthen Libbi and I would go to a nearby Burger King for breakfast, until it was time for her to go to school. And every day, J.R. Richard would be there, and every single day I would say hello and ask him how he was doing, and every single day his response would be, "I am above ground!"

Obviously, his close call and his complete recovery affected him, as it would any of us.

But my question, this month of November, when we are to be celebrating Thanksgiving in just a few short weeks, is, Will it take us a close call, Gd forbid!, to make us realize how good it is to just be 'above ground,' how good it is just to be alive?

Thanksgiving is a time for doing exactly that, giving thanks, being grateful, for all that we have, especially for being 'above ground,' and for so much more, like family and friends, and even more, we are told that our American garbage disposals in our kitchen 'eats' better than most people throughout the world!

We have so much to be thankful for! Let us spend Thanksgiving being grateful for it!

Rabbi Stuart Federow

Acoustic Shabat Returns

Shalom Chaverim! 

 Acoustic Shabbat returns to CSH on November 21st! Combining familiar, new, and original melodies with the sound of acoustic guitars, the Acoustic Shabbat service is intimate and highlights the peace of our Shabbat. Rabbi Federow, Doug Hoffman, and I are honored to once again have the opportunity to bring this energetic and connective service back to Shaar Hashalom. 

 Since it started, Acoustic Shabbat has really gained some momentum. We've traveled to Spring and Waco with upcoming dates in Houston and McAllen. The program is also now on the CSH calendar every other month, thanks to your support. 

 So bring your friends and family to an evening of prayer, song, and rest. We can't wait to bring in Shabbat with you!


 Joe Buchanan
Membership Chair


Religious has started off great and there is excitement in the religious school.  This year, our instructors are: Ida Berezin, Kelley McGuire, Nurit Mittlefehidt, Patti Nesrsta, Phyllis Greenspan, Sarah Nesreta, Sharon Rosenthal, Trevor Bryant, Joe Buchanan, Rabbi Federow

We thank all of our school team for their efforts to make Jewish learning an interesting and fun part of the children's life.

Our first Education committee meeting was held on Oct 1st. Thank you to everyone that Came to the meeting and shared their input.  Without you, the parents, the religious school would not be what it is. In October, We kicked off our religious school fundraiser on Oct 19th- Nov 9th. We sold Fun with Pasta, that features fun shaped pastas along with different flavored and recipes. Choose from college mascots or even Stars of David shaped pastas. 

Thank you for your support of the religious school. Please let me know if you have questions or feedback. 

Holli Hirsch

Education VP